How to create an animated Scatter plot

To create an animated Scatter plot as popularised by Hans Rosling’s famous TED talks, all you need is an extra column with column with years or dates.

Country Region Year GDP Life expectancy Population
Lao PDR East Asia & Pacific 1960   43.2044634146342 2120896
Korea, Rep. East Asia & Pacific 1960 158.236636232018 53.0018048780488 25012374
Kiribati East Asia & Pacific 1960   49.2159756097561 41233
Cambodia East Asia & Pacific 1960 111.342479726807 41.2320243902439 5722370
Macao SAR, China East Asia & Pacific 1960   64.6589268292683 167796

To get started,


    Select a “Time” column to create a slider and choose one or more “Name” columns so the template knows which rows represent the same thing. 


    Rows with the same name will be animated through time and also joined together with lines.


    To turn off the lines, untick "Shows lines" in the "Lines & arrows" settings.