Cards – an overview

What is it for?

Use this template to display blocks of content in a grid or carousel. You can additionally configure content to appear or play on hover or click.

How to get started

Pick one of the starting points from our template chooser. You can currently select between Carousel, Grid, and Profiles. Keep in mind that these are all just starting points and you can adjust them however you like using the settings.
Edit the text, images and data bindings in the Data tab to display different content. If you need to change the data type of a column, you are able to do that as described here.

You can use the Info for popups column binding to add content for popups or panels on hover/click and add a filter via the Filter column binding. It's also possible to supply an audio file to play on click via the Audio column binding.
Tweak the settings on the right-hand side to customize your cards' styles. 

If you can't achieve your desired layout, you can also use custom HTML under Cards > Advanced.