How to display all the bars at the end of the race

In some cases, you might want to show all of the bars at the end of your bar chart race animation. This is possible even if your animation only shows the top ten values and you have 20 or 50 or 100 in your dataset. The trick is to force your bars to disappear once they've run to the end of the amimation.

Please note this is currently only possible in an older version of the Bar chart race template. Click here to access that older version of the template.

To achieve something like this:

    Sort the rows Z → A by the last column, so that the entry with the highest value is at the top of the list

    Make sure this column actually starts with the highest value by deleting empty or invalid rows
    Add empty columns after the last one and copy the contents of the column you just sorted into them all (so effectively there are several repeats of the last column). Add as many new columns as there are rows.

    Set the values for the first row to zero in all columns and continue to do so for the other rows, but always starting one row beneath the last one, as per the example below.

    Add the new columns to the Select columns to visualise area. You will notice this has worked when the new columns become purple.

    Switch to the Preview tab. Your bar chart race should now run through normally and then the bars should drop out of view in order.
    Change the animation duration in the Animation settings to slow down your animation if it's too fast. The example uses an animation duration of 1.5 seconds.

Click here to duplicate the example.