How to add custom map styling

Our 3D map templates already has many different styles to choose from and you can even customize their layers to decide which parts you would like to display. If you'd like to customize their appearance even more, for example to display certain borders or labels in a different color than others, here's how to proceed.

This example uses a style created with MapTiler and added via the Custom:JSON settings.


    Custom: Monochrome

    The monochrome option will allow you to style your map based on one selected colour. To use this style, go to the "Map style" setting within the "Base map" settings and select "Custom: Monochrome" from the dropdown.

    Once selected, you can choose a base color using the color picker or by supplying a HEX code.

    Custom: JSON
    With the JSON option, you can fully customize the styles of your map.
    As we use tiles that match the OpenMapTiles schema, it's recommended to use Maputnik or MapTiler to create styles. Simply use the editor to create a style of your liking and export the JSON file. Then copy the contents of the JSON file into the text box. Keep in mind you will need a Maptiler , Mapbox or Thunderforest Access Token to export the JSON file.

    Custom: Palette
    The palette option allows you to create your own style by selecting colors for different layers such as the ocean, the ground or nature. You can enter hex codes or drag the color picker to get to your preferred color, and these colors are themable on Business Pro and Enterprise accounts.