How to create a grouped question in the Survey template

Survey data often includes grouped questions – i.e. those in the form "Which animals do you like (pick up to three)". In this model, the datasheet would typically include a column for each possible answer with a yes or no answer. The example below allows you to group by only one answer at a time, while a grouped question will add all the different answers to a single question and make the different answers comparable.

The Survey template allows you to group these questions together to enable you to compare the frequency of the positive answers.

In the below example, columns I through M show five different versions of the question "Which animals do you like?", with the respective answer added to the end. If the person chose the respective animal in the survey, their row will display a 1. If they didn't choose the respective animal, there will be a zero. 

    To create a grouped question, go to the "Grouped questions" sheet and add the question you'd like to create in the first column. In our example, this would simply be the column "Group", displaying the question "Which animals do you like?" in each row, as this is the question we would like to appear in our Survey visualization.

    In the second column, "Question" in our example, add each column name from the "Data" sheet that you would like to group into the question in the first column. In our case, these are the first five columns we saw at the beginning of this tutorial – "Which animals do you like? Snake", "Which animals do you like? Badger", "Which animals do you like? Dog", "Which animals do you like? Cat", and "Which animals do you like? Chicken".
    In the third column, we define what we would like the column names from the "Data" sheet to display like. For the column name "Which animals do you like? Snake", we only want to display the name "Snake", as we already defined our grouped question in the first column.
    Finally, in the fourth column, we define the circumstances under which an answer is counted to be positive. In our example, "1" is our positive answer, so we add "1" in this column.
    Try grouping by the "Which animals do you like?" question to see the grouped question below. Keep in mind it's not possible to shade by a grouped question because of the multiple answer possibilities.

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