Different ways to create animated visualizations

Flourish offers different types of animated visualizations to choose from, and there's also an option to animate between different slides of a Flourish story, given the different slides use the same type of visualization.

Here's an overview of the different options.

    Some of our templates are already animated from the start and don't really work without animation. Once you add your data, the visualization will already show up in an animated way. Examples for animated charts are our Bar chart race and our Line chart race.

    Some other templates, like our Projection map or our Scatter plot, have the option of adding a time slider to animate between different points in time. 

    Most of our charts animate on load, and there's even the possibility to combine them into animated stories using Flourish stories. Here's some more information on stories in general.

    Our 3D maps can also be added to stories to create impressive pan-and-zoom showpieces.

There are many more options for creating animated charts with Flourish – have a look at our different templates and have a little play around.