How to add selective labels to your scatter plot

Note: It's currently only possible to add selective labels in SVG mode. 

If you have many different points in your scatter plot, displaying all of their labels at once might look a bit messy and confusing. Take this example:

Luckily, it's also possible to display only certain labels that you select when you add your visualization to a story. To do this,

    Make sure you've selected SVG as a renderer in the Dot styles settings

    In the Dot labels settings, select to "Show labels on points" and then "Selective (story only)"

    Add your visualization to a story by clicking "Add to story" in the top right corner

    In the story, select the dots you'd like to add labels to by clicking on them

    If you only have one slide in your story, you might want to remove the navigation. Here's more on that topic.