How to customize your popups in the Line, bar, pie template

The way custom popups work in our Line, bar, pie template works slightly different from custom popups in most of our other templates.

To add custom content to your popups in the  Line, bar, pie template,

    In the Data tab, add a new column and add your custom popup content to it

    Bind your new column to Info for custom popups in the Select columns to visualise area. The content from your new column will now appear along with the name, the series and the value by default. 

    You can further customize the content and appearance of your popups by going into the Popups settings and enabling custom content. You can use curly brackets ({{column_name}}) to access information in a column, and custom HTML to add images, videos, links and styling. Follow our handy guide on this here.
    In this template, you can also add the numerical value of the current data point (regardless of its column) by using {{VALUE}}, or the column name of a data point by using {{SERIES}} to your custom content. Here's an example: 

    To achieve this, the Popups were set to contain custom content and the following was added to "Popup content":
    You can also display a certain bit of information for each column that can be different for each series. Keep in mind that this is only possible if you aren't already displaying custom content using the above option. Here's an example where additional information was only added to Column 1 (the first line):

    To achieve this, the Popups were set to auto and the following was added to Series info: