How to change the styling of your lines

You have your data, you have thought about what you will ask the user, but you need to change the styling of the chart lines. We will walk you through the process.


    Setting line colors: The color palette

    The first way to set the line colors in Flourish is the color palette tool. You can choose from a variety of different color presets by clicking on them, but you can also edit a color palette. To edit a color palette, click on "Edit color palette". This will allow you to rearrange, delete and add new colors. You can add new colors using hex codes or by clicking on the color square and using the color picker.

    Color overrides

    Another option for setting line colors is custom color overrides. The color overrides text area lets you type in the name of a line and then a color after it. The specified color – whether it's written out, a hex code or an RGB color – will override the color palette. Note that this will only work for lines, so things that have been specified in column headers.