Controlling access to visualizations and stories with different account types

Who can see your Flourish projects and data depends on the type of Flourish account you have.

Public accounts: The default

If you have a free Public account, all your projects are publicly visible by default – even before you publish them. Any user with the URL of your project will be able to view it, including the raw data.

In addition, all your projects are listed on your profile page. (To view your profile, go to Settings > My account). Your profile page is publicly visible, though these pages aren’t currently linked to from elsewhere on the Flourish site.

To keep your data private, upgrade to a Personal or Business account.

Personal and Business accounts: Keep your data and projects private

For Personal and Business users, all your visualizations and data are private by default. No one can see your visualizations unless you publish them.

Business accounts: Share visualizations with colleagues

If you have a Business account, you can share unpublished projects with other members of your organization who have Flourish accounts. Just send them a link to the project.

Business accounts: Password-protect your projects

If you have a Business account, you can also publish your projects behind a password. This is useful for sharing them with colleagues who don’t have a Flourish account or people outside of your company, like customers.

To do this: In the visualization editor, click “Export & publish”, choose “Publish to share and embed” and select the password option. Your published visualization will then be safely encrypted until the correct password is entered.