How to duplicate a project

Duplicating a project from someone else's profile into your own is very simple. If they are on a Free account, you can duplicate any of their published projects that they have chosen to allow duplicating. 

If they are in a Business account, you need to have a Flourish account that is part of the same company to be able to duplicate a project from them. You can also duplicate any of your own projects to create a backup version.

    Duplicating your own projects
    To duplicate your own project, go to your projects page and select the one you'd like to duplicate. Hover over the three dots in the bottom-right corner of the project tile and select Duplicate this visualization. Once clicked, you will be taken through to the duplicated version of this visualization.
    You can also duplicate your visualization from within the editor. To do this, hover over the small dropdown arrow next to the title and select Duplicate. This will take you through to a copy of the visualization.
    Duplicating a Free user's published projects
    While unpublished or draft projects created by Free users are private by default, Free users may choose to make some of their published projects duplicable. 
    If they have made a public project duplicable, go to the showcase page of the story or visualization and you will see a  Duplicate and edit button in the top-right corner. Clicking here will make an identical copy of the project in your own account.

    Duplicating projects from members of your company

    Note: This is only possible on Business and Enterprise plans.

    If you're in a company, you can navigate to your company page and click on any member of your company's profile. From there, you can duplicate one of their projects by clicking into it and selecting Duplicate from the small dropdown next to the title of the visualization.