How to add, remove and manage users

The way newsroom, business and enterprise-level accounts are administered in Flourish is quite similar. Each of the aforementioned organisations is registered as a company at Flourish, with its own allocation of assigned users. The company/newsroom is an “umbrella” covering individual user accounts.

You can ask us to add or remove users from your company or newsroom. However, it is easier and much faster to do it yourselves! Each company or newsroom can feature one or several administrators who are able to invite, add or remove users from its organisation. The way to achieve this is the following:

Once logged in and in case your account has administrative privileges for your organisation, you will be able to invite more users. Head over to the ‘My Company’ section of your user profile within Flourish (see below)
Then you will see an administrator panel, listing users of your company or newsroom. Ours is populated, but yours might be empty! By clicking "Invite" you will be able to invite users to your organisation, regardless if they have an account at Flourish or not.
Enter the emails of the persons you wish to invite and then click "Send invites". You can even pre-assign to them roles, such as administrator or approver.
 In the administrator panel you will be able to set the publication policy of your organisation as well.

If you don't have an administrator account for your organisation, do not hesitate to contact us.

In order to remove a user from your company, head over to your profile in the top right corner and then click on "My Company".

From the team member list on the left, chose the user you wish to remove and then click "Close this Account", and then confirm.