How to add popups to any cell in your table

To add extra information to a cell, we recommend using popups. To do this,


    Add ">>" to the cell followed by the text you want to display in the popup

    Your cell containing "Boston >> Boston is a beautiful city" will show up as "Boston", but when you hover over it, it will show a popup with "Boston is a beautiful city".

    Add styling and formatting by wrapping your popup content in a div
    Heart of Dixie >> <div style="max-width: 200px;"><b>Alabama</b> is known as the <b>"Heart of Dixie"</b> because it is in the <b>very middle of a group of states in the Deep South.</b> Dixie itself is a nickname for the American South.</div>
    You can even add images or videos in popups
    Northern mockingbird >> <img src="" width="200px;"/>
    Learn more about popups in our video: