How to add a screen-reader description

Screen-reader descriptions will give those who are blind or visually impaired an overview of what your visualization is highlighting. To read more about this feature, check out our blog post.

    Once you have finished creating your visualization, scroll down to the bottom of the options panel to where it says “Accessibility”.

    Click on the “Hidden” option where the text box is visible. If you select the “Readable” option on a number heavy graph, everything in your visualization - including axis tick labels and data labels - will be read out, which could get confusing. The readable option is useful for more content-focused templates, such as Cards.

    Write a description of what your visualization is showing. Don’t repeat what you have already typed in the title or subtitle as this will already be read out.

    TIP: Include information about what type of chart it is, the most important aspects of the data and what you wanted to highlight in the visualization. Try to keep it as short as possible.

    Still confused? Here's a video that might help clear things up!