Approval workflows in Flourish

Please note that approval workflows are only available for newsrooms, Business and Enterprise customers that are part of a shared company account.

Flourish has three approval workflows available for companies:

    Authorisation required: When one team member creates a projects and wishes to publish or republish it, upon selecting "Export & publish" in Flourish, they get a "Send for review" window that allows them to select one or more reviewers. The designated admins or approvers are notified via email and within Flourish. Admins and approvers don’t have to ask for an approval themselves.
    While the user is waiting for a review, their publishing settings will appear in blue and they will have the option to cancel their review request.
    With review: For the second, the same happens but instead of the admins/approvers all the other team members are notified. Admins and approvers also have to go through the approval process.
    None: No approval policy – anyone can publish visualizations without having to get them approved first.

You can also set whether you would like both publishing and republishing to go through the approval process you have set. If you would projects to only have to be approved upon initial publishing, you can untick the "Republishing requires approval as well" button.