Adding line labels to your line chart

How to add line labels to your visualizations

    Upload your data into the "Line, bar and pie" template as
    Go to the "Labels" section on the settings panel on the preview page of your visualization and click the switch for "Show labels on lines".

    You can now customize your line labels to however you see fit.

Ways to customize your line labels

  • Keeping the labels the same color as the lines keep your visualization consistent and help to know which line is which.
  • If you do want to change the colors of the line labels to all be the same, you can change the color of the text in the labels section.
  • You are able to choose to display only certain line labels, if you need to draw attention at a specific facet of your chart. Just manually enter in the box the labels you would like to display, one per line. The labels should match headers from the Values columns.
  • Ability to change the appearance of the line connecting to the label. In this option, you can change the display of the line, color, padding, and width of the line.
  • Remove the legend to simplify the appearance of the visualization, since the line labels are doing the job of informing what each color means.