How to create a grid of charts

You can currently create grids of charts in our Line, bar, pie, Scatter, and Radar templates.

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Creating a grid of charts in the Line, bar, pie template
There are two types of chart grids in our Line, bar, pie template: The series grid of charts and the category grid of charts.
The series grid of charts plots each series as its own mini chart – a visualization technique called "small multiples" – while the category grid of charts makes grids out of another category. This option useful if your data is arranged in this way, or if you want to create a grid with multiple series on each chart.

For a series grid of charts, once you have uploaded your data in the Line, bar, pie template simply click "Grid of charts" under Chart type > Grid mode in the settings panel. 

For a category grid of charts, first select a column binding for "Charts grid" in the Data tab. Now when you click "Grid of charts" in the settings panel your visualization will make grids out of the category you have selected.

Once you have select "Grid of charts" a new list of settings will appear for you to customise how your grid displays. When "Number of columns" is set to Auto, the grid will be responsive, adjusting the number of columns depending on the size of the window and device. You can also adjust the minimum width as well as the margins around each facet.

By default, the grid will use the same X axis and Y axis scale across all of the charts. If these "Same across grid" settings are turned off, the template will use custom scales for each facet. 
You can also choose to have axes displaying on just one row (for the X axis) or one column (for the Y axis), or to repeat axes on all facets instead.

Finally, you can customise your grid chart titles, from font size and alignment to text and background colors.

Creating a grid of charts in the Scatter template
In the Scatter template, data points are not part of series so chart grids are only created using the column binding "Grid of charts (facet)". Once you select this column binding, the template will make a grid with charts for each category in this column. 

Similarly to the Line, bar, pie template, this opens up some more settings for you to customise including a fixed number of columns, minimum chart width, margins and grid chart title styling.

Creating a grid of charts in the Radar template
In the Radar template, each series is plotted on its own facet by default. Under "Controls", you can choose to include the combined and separate options, or if you want to disable them. 
When both of these are enabled they appear as a button group on your visualization, where Individual refers to separate facets for each series and Combined layers the radars on top of each other.

Radar also has a categories grid option by selecting a column binding for "Grid of charts (facet)" in the Data tab. This will add another button to the group that layers radars on top of each, creating a separate chart for each category in the column.