How to edit axis ticks and labels

There are several ways you can customize your axis ticks and labels; from changing their color and size to the number of ticks displaying or even removing an axis altogether.

You might want to change these settings to ensure that your axis ticks and labels meet accessibility requirements, or to match your own style guidelines.

In this article

Axis ticks and labels settings are found in our templates under the X axis and Y axis settings. 

Under  Ticks & labels, you will find a toggle marked "Styling" which, when enabled, reveals the different settings you can customize.

How to change the color of your axis tick labels
Under Labels, use the color picker to change the Color of your axis labels. 

How to change the size of your axis tick labels

Under Labels, use the Size setting to adjust the text size of your axis labels. You can also choose to use "Bold" or "Regular" text for your labels with the Weight setting.

How to change the spacing of your axis tick labels
There are a few different settings to adjust the spacing of your axis tick labels:

  • Padding: the space between the tick label and tick mark
  • Angle: the angle of the tick label on the axis
  • Max lines: the maximum number of lines to wrap labels when Space mode is set to "Max" or "Fixed"
  • Line height: the height of a line of text in your axis label (more apparent when labels wrap on more than one line)
  • Space mode: the amount of space axis labels use. "Auto" provides enough space to fit on a single line, whereas "Max" and "Fixed" ask for a value to set either a maximum or specific fixed amount of space for axis labels.
How to change the number of axis ticks
You may want to adjust the number of ticks shown on your axes, for example, if you have a lot of dates on your X axis. 
Under the tick labels settings, you will find Ticks to show. There are three modes for setting the number of ticks:
  • Auto: the number of ticks is automatically set based on the available space
  • Number: set the approximate number of ticks (the actual number will depend on the range of values, chart size, etc.)
  • Custom: specify individual ticks you want to show, adding them as they appear in the data sheet, each on a new line.

Note: When selecting the Custom option, your tick labels must be either recognized or configured to be dates or numbers. If your tick labels are not appearing how you expect them to, check under Number and data formatting that your data type has been set correctly.

How to remove axis lines
To remove axis lines, go to the Tick marks & axis line settings within the  tick labels settings. Here you will be able to disable your axis line.