Marker map – an overview

What is it for?

This template offers a quick and visually arresting way to present geographical points of interest. Choose between a marker or locator map using emoji, icons or images for places. Featuring also an optional inset map for context, this template presents a quick and pretty way to visualize geographic information.

How to get started

The first step is to select a blueprint in the template chooser. You can choose between three starting points.
In the data tab, you can supply the place names, their coordinates and importantly, the markers. They can either be uploaded directly to Flourish or you can use an external direct link to the image file for your marker.

The markers can be emojis or images, uploaded directly to Flourish or linked through using a hyperlink. Additionally, Font Awesome vector icons are supported as well.

Upload any additional data such as photos, links or descriptions to be shown in the popup and bind them in the relevant column binding.

Choose between a vector base map, a raster one (you can also provide a link to a custom tileset) and a projected map, and also between different map styles.

You can learn more about the different available map styles in this help doc.

Through the Regions tab, you should be able to upload a GeoJSON file containing map data to the regions table and have it displayed underneath the markers in the marker map.
If you are using a vector base map, you can customize the layers of the base map that display. Currently, regions are drawn underneath streets and buildings from the base map, so we suggest to turn off those layers if the map appears to be crowded:

You can turn them off via the Customize layers toggle.

Set the initial viewport. You can use the auto settings or specify your own through the centroid or bound options.

Enable, disable or edit the inset map via the Inset map settings.

Define the scale of the markers as well as their styling. And you are all set! Your first marker map is ready.

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