Countdown – an overview

This template allows you to easily create a ticking countdown or a normal counter.

How to get started

All you need to get started is a date that you would like to count up or down to. You can set it up to count to a certain date, or go to a more granular level with hours, minutes and seconds.

If you choose the countdown mode, you can also configure the text that displays when the time is over.

Custom date formats

The default format will display with English abbreviations such as "d", "h", "m" and "s", but you can configure the order as well as pre- and suffixes by typing an alternative format into the Content > Custom settings. Simply use curly brackets ({{}}) around the variables to include them. Here's an examples:

  • 10 days and 10 hours: {{d}} days and {{h}} hours

You can also include custom HTML to add styling and formatting – for example to color some words differently.