Free accounts vs. Personal accounts

What is included in a Free account?

The free account gives you access to the full range of Flourish templates – with no limits to how many visualizations you can create and publish. You're also able to make an unlimited number of Flourish stories and download your visualizations as JPEGs, PNGs and SVGs. However, on a free account, once you've uploaded your data to Flourish, it's public.

Where can people see visualizations made with a free account?

Your visualizations will be publicly visible in three places:

    On your profile, for example:
    On a public visualization page, which allows anyone to duplicate and edit your visualization, for example:
    You will notice a visualization is public when there is the "Duplicate and edit" button at the top right.
    Note that this page is indexed by search engines and can potentially be discovered by anyone.

    In our "Latest" feed

What is included in a personal account?

The personal plan allows you to keep your data private, publish visualizations with the Flourish attribution, and download the HTML of a project. (Please note that Flourish doesn't currently support video or GIF exports. However, on the personal plan, you can use a third-party tool to do a screen recording of your visualization and use that in a presentation, on social media, etc.) You also get direct email support from us – something we don't provide, except best endeavor, with free customers.

Want to learn more?

You can find more information about our plans on our pricing page.