How to create a categorical heatmap with labels using our Table template

While we do have a Heatmap template with various starting points, it's currently not possible to display labels on top of your cells. With a little workaround, you can use our Table template to create a categorical heatmap with labels.

To create a categorical heatmap with labels,

From the template chooser, create a new Table visualization.

Upload your data and tweak your cell height and alignment in the Cell styles settings.

In the Cells to color text area, enter the contents you would like to color in a certain way and with which background and foreground color you would like to color them. You can use the following syntax:

#750e5c/#ffffff:Infectious diseases

Repeat the same process for all cells or categories you would like to color differently

TIP: To speed up this process, we recommend using the Ampersand operator in Excel. You can learn more about this here.

Tweak the styling of your table by making sure all columns have the same width in the Cell styles > Column width settings and adjust your vertical and horizontal margins.
As a final touch, you might want to add a legend. You can create this using custom HTML and placing this code in the Header > Text settings. Here's the syntax you can use to create a legend using HTML:

That's it! Here's what our categorical heatmap created with the Table template looks like:

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