Number ticker - an overview

What is it for?

This template allows you to easily create a number ticker counting up and also optionally add text to it.

How to get started

The first step is to decide if you need only a number ticker or a custom one featuring text. For the former, head over to Numbers options in the editor, opt for Simple and set the beginning and end of the ticker through the  Tick from and Tick to settings.

If the latter is what you need, choose Custom and input the text you want to feature along with your numbers in the  Text and {{numbers}} box. Put numbers to tick to and from. in double braces, e.g. {{1000}} to tick from 0 to 1000, or {{-5000/4000}} to tick from -5000 to 4000. You are also able to use markdown styling such as **bold** and *italic*. You can also include custom HTML to add styling and formatting – for example to color some words differently.

In addition to the numbers you are ticking from and to, you can supply styling via a Font size and a Line height setting. The font size setting uses the percentage of the screen width, so we recommend using numbers between 1 and 10 to avoid cropping of the text. 

To customize the animation duration, i.e. how fast the ticker will be ticking, head over to Animation and set a Duration of your choosing.