How to create a partially filled shape pictogram

Our Pictogram template allows you to create isotype visualizations with a number of pictograms repeated in a row to communicate values, but it also allows you to create single shapes that are filled to a certain percentage to show parts of a whole.

To create a filled shape pictogram visualization,

Add your data and set the value you would like to fill your icon by. If you would like to fill half of your icon, for example, set it to 0.5.

In the Icons settings, make sure you have disabled Auto icon value and set your Icon value to 1.

Enable the Use filler icons toggle and set your Maximum bar value to 1 if you are looking to partially fill a single icon. If you would like to partially fill two icons, eg. if you have a value of 1.5 or similar, set your Maximum bar value to 2.

TIP: If you would like to display percentage value next to your partially filled icon(s), you can use the Number formatting settings to multiply your values by 100 and add a percentage suffix. Learn more about this here.

Disable your legends for a cleaner look.

That's it! You've successfully created one or more partially filled icons.
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