How to create a Pictogram with filter

In our Pictogram template, it is possible to add a filter by binding multiple columns to the Value setting in the Data tab. This function allows you to create beautiful pictograms in which you can switch between various numerical columns, such as different periods of time or energy consumption. To achieve this:

Open the Data sheet

Bind the columns you wish to use in your Pictogram visualization onto the Value column binding, separated by commas

In the Value controls settings, you can decide whether the control should always be visible, shown only in the editor or never. 
By selecting  Always, viewers would be able to switch between the various columns you have bound in the Data tab. 

However, if you have a large dataset but only want to show a particular layout of the visualization, you can benefit from choosing the Only in editor option - this will allow you to edit the visualization according to your preference, but users wouldn't be able to select a different filter.

If you need to adjust the styling or the sizing of the control button, you can customize it through the Control settings

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