How to display legend colors in your header text

Instead of adding a traditional legend to your Flourish charts, you can modify header text to indicate which colors correspond to which data points. If you're aiming for simplicity and a clean interface, this might be the way to go! This help doc will cover how to create these so-called "Riley legends", named after ex-Flourish data journalist Katherine Riley, in any of our templates.

Add colored headers via the Legend settings

After creating a chart with your colors of choice, you can visit the Legend settings panel, scroll down to the Add data colours to header text setting, and select Auto.

Once you've selected this, colors that are used for certain entities in your visualization will be pulled through to your titles.

Here's an example with our Scatter plot template: the information that would normally be displayed with a legend is now visible in your plot's header.

Customize your colored text

If you would like to customize the way that colored header text appears, click on the Custom tab instead, where you can indicate whether you would like these legend colors to apply only to the title or subtitle. You can also decide whether the colored text is in bold.