How to hide controls in a published Survey visualization

While having user-facing controls in the Survey template can be valuable for encouraging people to explore the data themselves, there might be occasions where you want to hide these controls and create set views the user can't stray from.

In this help doc, we explain how to set views of a Survey visualization in a story and then hide the controls from the user. 

    Make your Survey visualization, upload your data, set columns bindings and customize the chart according to your preference.

    Under the Controls settings, turn on the option called Disable controls toggle in published graphic.

    Within the visualization's Preview tab, click on Create a story. In your first story slide, use the controls at the bottom right-hand corner to set your default view.

    When you are happy with the view, click on the X in the top right-hand corner of the controls box to close it.

    While the controls cog will still display in the story editor in case you need to adjust the view, when published, this cog will be hidden and the user won't be able to change the view of the slide.

    TIP: If you want to keep controls available for users on certain slides, just keep the controls box open on those slides and don't click the X to close it.