How to transpose data columns in Flourish

When starting a new Flourish visualization, you may notice that all templates come with dummy data already imported in the chart. The main reason for this is to showcase how your data should be structured before uploading.

Some Flourish templates use  long data format, while others work with wide.

For example, our Line, Bar, Pie charts need wide data. This means that your labels or time have to be placed into a single column, whereas your categories must be divided into separate columns:

But what if your data looks like this instead?

Worry not - you can  transpose your rows and columns directly within Flourish!

Upload your data in Flourish using one of our importing options. Please note that connecting to live data sources is only available on our Business Pro and Enterprise plans.

In the Data tab, click on the perpendicular arrows in the top left-hand corner:

This will swap your rows and columns and will format your data in the correct way for this chart type. Note how the visualization changes in the preview window:

Done! Now that your series are displayed correctly, you can continue with binding your columns and customizing the look of your visualization.