How to set a story to autoplay

It's possible to set any Flourish story to autoplay. Here's an example:

To set your story to autoplay:

In the Story editor, enable the Autoplay story function. This can be found by clicking the cog wheel next to the Slides option.
This will automatically set a duration of 5 seconds for each slide. To change this, click on a particular slide and set the desired duration in the top-right hand corner.

Each slide can have a different duration. You can double-check how long a slide will play by looking at the number displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the story preview.
Once you are happy with your story's duration, you can export and publish it. The story will now have a Play button in the navigation bar and in the middle of the first slide.
You also have the option to loop your story after it's finished – simply click on the Loop toggle to enable this.
You can also upload audio files to your story. Learn how to do this here.