Company themes

If you are a Flourish Business or Enterprise customer, you can have your own company branding applied to your account, so that all the visualizations your users create will pick up your company colors, font, and logo by default. 

Company themes make it far more efficient for your users in the same company account to create their projects and keep  consistent styling across all visualizations.

In the story below, use the navigation to explore some examples of our customers' visualizations that have their company branding applied to them.

What does a theme include?

Custom branding can include:

  • A Google font
  • A color palette
  • A logo in the header and/or footer of your visualizations

This is the basic level of customization you can have applied to your visualizations. On our Enterprise plans, you can have further customization, including custom fonts, multiple color palettes, and greater control over other default settings for your visualizations. 

Flourish Business accounts normally include one company theme as standard, with additional themes available at an extra charge.

If you are interested in this more detailed customization or in having multiple company themes, get in touch with our Sales team at

What do you need to provide for your theme?

As part of the onboarding process, we will send you a link to a form to fill in with these details so we can get your theme set up in Flourish. Here's some more information on the items you can customize in your theme.

Google font

We can support any of the Google fonts available here. This font will be applied to all the text on your visualizations by default: from header and footer elements to axis tick labels and popups.

Color palette

We generally recommend a color palette of about  eight colors. Your color palette is used for chart elements (such as bars, lines, and areas), so avoid including white in your color palette as it won't be seen against the chart background.

Your colors should be distinct enough from each other, as they will be used for different categories on a chart (for example, see the column chart below — here blue, green, orange, and red are the first four colors in the palette).

Your colors should be provided as hex codes via a form we send you (as text rather than as an image or screenshot). 

If you only have two or three company colors, perhaps you could use  different tints of those colors, or generate other matching colors using a tool like

For Enterprise customers, we can also set default options for numeric palettes as well as categorical palettes.


You can also add a logo to appear in the header and/or footer of your charts, like so:

In the form used to collect your branding information, you will be able to provide a logo in either JPEG or PNG format for us to add to your theme.