How to embed a Flourish visualization in a Canva presentation

You can easily embed your Flourish visualizations into Canva presentations (or any other Canva templates) whether they are published or not.

To embed a Flourish visualization or story in a Canva project:

Create your visualization or story in Flourish.
Click Export & publish, then  Add to Canva presentation. After you click  Add to Canva, you'll be redirected to Canva.

Click Use in a design — if you aren't already logged in you'll be prompted to at this point. If you don't have a Canva account yet you can sign up now too.
If you're logged in already, choose the Presentation template and you'll be directed into the Canva editor.

If this is the first time you are adding Flourish visualizations to Canva, click to Connect your Flourish account and all your projects will appear in the side panel. 

Now any time you use Canva, you can simply click More and click on the Flourish app to see your projects.

Next, click on a project to add it to your Canva design.

Resize your project using the handles on the edges of the visualization. You can double-click on the visualization to interact with it.

TIP: Drag out the corners to maintain the aspect ratio of your visualization, or use the resize handles in the center of each side to adjust the proportion of the chart.

Add as many visualizations and stories as you like!

To get back to an Flourish visualization that has previously been embedded in a Canva design, click on the Edit button in the top-left corner of the Canva editor. This will take you through to Flourish where you will be able to change the data and settings of your visualization.

Note: The Edit button will only appear if you are the author of the chart or the author of the chart is in the same Flourish company as you.