How to embed a Flourish visualization in a Canva presentation

While it's not possible to embed fully interactive Flourish visualizations and stories in PowerPoint presentations due to PowerPoint not supporting interactive content, this is possible on the online presentation tool Canva.

To embed a Flourish visualization or story in a Canva project,

Create your visualization or story in Flourish and publish it. Copy the generated URL.

TIP: Your showcase URL should look something like this:

In Canva, create a new design and in the editor go to More > Embeds and paste in the URL.

TIP: Alternatively, you can simply paste the showcase page URL anywhere into your Canva design and the Flourish chart or story should render.

That's it! Your Flourish visualization should now display in all its glory and remain interactive in presentation mode. It's currently not possible to change the dimensions of the embeds, though.