Slope – an overview

What is it for?

Using slope charts, you can visualize how different values have changed over time. This chart type is useful when comparing the difference in population, income or wealth, for example. Choose whether you would like to display a change in Scores or a change in Percentage. 

How to get started

    The first thing you need is a CSV or Excel file of your data in the correct format. This chart type uses a  wide data structure, meaning that you would have your labels/series in a single column and separate columns for your various periods of time. You can then bind all relevant columns to the Value setting in the editor. 
    Country 2000 2010 2020
    United Kingdom 16 22 40
    Australia 14 24 39
    Russia 7 28 40.5
    You can also add an optional column for Filter, Category or Grid of charts. In the example above, these are the different continents.

    In the editor, you can also choose a specific numerical column that defines the thickness of your lines.

    In the Preview tab, you can switch between three visualization modes:  Ranks, Scores and Percentage change. The ranks can show how a category compares to others, depending on their before and after values. The scores mode shows the exact values, whereas the % change calculates the difference in percentages. 
    In addition, under the  Chart settings, you can choose which categories should be highlighted by default. If you use this setting, under Labels you can set whether non-highlighted labels should also be displayed.

    Through the multiple Preview settings, you can further tweak the styles of your chart.