How to add trend lines to your scatter plot

In the Scatter template, you can enable a trend line to better showcase the pattern of your plotted points.

NOTE: Please note that trend lines only work with numerical data. If one of your axes displays categorical information, such as dates or labels, they won't display.

In the  Trend lines settings in the Preview tab, you will find a dropdown menu with multiple trend line options.

The One for all colors setting allows you to display only one trend line that showcases the overall pattern in your visualization (see the example above). Alternatively, if you have a column bound under Color in the Data tab, you can opt for multiple trend lines with the One per discrete color option – then, there would be a separate trend line for each color (category) of your chart.

If you work on a Grid of charts, you can choose whether each grid should display their relevant trend line or the overall trend of the visualization by choosing one of the aforementioned options. However, in a Grid of charts mode, you have two additional settings.

The One per discrete color (grid of charts) option displays all trend lines in every grid – useful when you want to compare them all together in greater detail.
  On the other hand, the One for all colors (grid of charts) setting allows you to observe the overall trend across all grids.
If necessary, you can also Force the line/s through origin. However, this is not a recommended practice, unless you are certain that in your dataset, there is a plotted dot with X=0 and Y=0. Otherwise, your trend lines might present incorrect data.

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