How to generate the thumbnail of your visualization

Need to generate and download a thumbnail image of your Flourish visualization? Follow these steps.

Additional information here if you want:

    First, make sure that you've published your visualization.
    Find the link to the public version of your visualization. You can do this by clicking on the Export & publish and clicking on the first link in that box (the one that starts with  https://public)

    To that link, add the word  thumbnail at the very end. If your link is, for example,, you should now have
    Paste that link into your browser. You should be redirected to a page that show you a picture of your visualization.
    Press right-click on your mouse or trackpad and click on Save Image As... and save it to your computer.

That's it! You should now have a thumbnail image of your visualization saved locally. You can do this for stand-alone visualizations and for stories, but in this second case, the thumbnail will only show the first slide.

TIP: The thumbnail generated will always correspond to the latest published version of your visualization, so make sure to keep it up to date.