How to cancel your personal subscription

If you have a personal subscription with Flourish but would like to cancel, it is possible to do this from your account.

    Go to your My account page by clicking the icon in the top right corner.

    Scroll down to Account details and click on Cancel subscription

    Once you have clicked Cancel subscription, you will have two options:
    • Make your projects public, even those that you haven't published yet
    • Keep your projects public but not be able to log back in to make any changes to your visualizations of account

    You may want to keep your projects private if you have created visualizations with confidential information. If you are locked out of your account, the visualizations and stories that you have embedded will still be live and on the sites that you embedded them on.

    If you choose to keep all your projects private and become locked out of your account, you can unlock your account at any time by buying a new subscription or making your projects public.