Parliament chart — an overview

What is it for?

Visualizations are often something that people seek out after an election to tell them all about who won and what happened

Our Parliament chart template lets you provide a simple yet effective overview of election outcomes, featuring a circular or semi-circular array of dots that represent seats, as well as a summary table of results underneath.

You can also feature several elections in a single visualization and show how results have changed over time.

How to get started

    Choose from the Parliament chart starting points, add your data to the template and bind your columns. 
    Your data should have one column for the names of the political parties, followed by a column for each election you want to include in the filter, like so:

    In the Preview tab, under Parliament layout settings, choose how many seats there should be in total, as well as the size of the arc and the space inside it.
    The size of the arc is specified in degrees, where 360 would create a full circle layout, and 180 would create an exact semi-circle.

    In this settings block you can also choose the number of rows: Auto will set an optimum amount or go for Fixed to choose yourself. 

    Choose how the visualization should behave on hover by enabling or disabling Highlight parties on hover. When enabled, all a party's seats are highlighted on hover, as well as their seat total being displayed in the center of the arc.

    Under Colors, choose your color palette or use custom overrides to specify individual party colors. If you don't know the outcome of some seats yet, remember to choose an appropriate Unassigned outline color too.

    Customize your Labels and choose whether to show a Legend under these settings blocks.

    Under the Table settings, choose if you want a table and if so, what it should show. The Table includes a column for each election and a seat change column.
    Choose colors for gains and losses in the seat change column and use the Seat change setting to choose which columns it should calculate from:

    • Off: no seat change column
    • Auto: automatically calculate the change between the last two columns bound to Seats
    • Custom: choose which columns to calculate the seat change from (specifying using column names)
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