How to hide certain categories from your legend

Sometimes, you don't want all your legend swatches displayed – especially in line charts with projections or in visualizations with lots of categories that are not as relevant for your narrative.

To do this:

Create your visualization by starting with one of our Line, bar, pie starting points.
Bind your relevant columns and switch back to the Preview tab.
Under Legend >  Swatches, use the Custom order override to manually specify the order of your legend entries.

TIP: As with all custom override options, it is vital for the series names to be exactly the same as your column names. Otherwise, this function won't work. To make sure they match, we recommend copying and pasting your column names into the textbox.

If you don't specify a certain legend swatch, it won't appear in the legend – this is how you can hide certain swatches and restrict interaction with some of your line series.