How to create textured bar, column and area charts

There's a nifty workaround to make textured bar, column and area charts possible using axis highlights. 

For bar and column charts it's easy to select which elements to have textures, but with area charts this feature works better when you have just the one series.

To create a textured chart,

In the settings panel, enable Show highlights  on Y axis when creating a bar chart or  Show highlights  on X axis when creating a column chart or area chart.
In the Range highlights text area, indicate the bars you would like to display with a texture in the following syntax:
::Series 1>>Series 3
In this example, Series 1 is the first bar we would like to display with a texture, and Series 3 is the last bar we would like to display with a texture. As Series 2 is situated between Series 1 and Series 3, it doesn't have to be supplied additionally.

You can additionally customize the way your texture displays through the following options:
  • Make sure the Area color matches your background color. In our case, this is white.
  • By changing the Area opacity, you can control the intensity of your texture. A higher opacity makes for a more noticeable, a lower opacity for a more subtle texture.
  • You can choose between three Area textures: diagonal lines, gridlines and dots.

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