How to exclude regions from the search box

WARNING: Please note that this help doc uses an older version of our Projection map template. If you are using version 13.0.0 or newer of the template, the visualization will automatically exclude regions with no data from the search box.

Created a Projection map but would like some regions excluded from the search bar? Learn how to do this below. 

This feature is useful if you would like to hide certain entities from the search bar, such as regions that have no data available.

Go to the Data tab. In the column you have bound under Name, leave blank the cells for the regions that you don't want to appear in the search.

The regions with deleted names will now not appear in the search.
If your "hidden" regions have other columns bound in the Data tab (such as values or information for popups), only they will appear in the popup. However, if you would like to customize your popups further, you can do this by using if-statements.

Create a new column called no-information and add no-information for the regions that have no name (see screenshot in Step 1). Bind this column under Info for popups in the Data tab.
Using if-statements under Custom popups, specify what information should appear for each region – the ones that have names, and the ones that don't.

To read more about custom popups, check out this help doc.