How to add videos to your Flourish stories

In Flourish stories, you can also upload video files.

To do this:

Start a new Flourish story or create a new slide in an existing one.

From the slide chooser, create a Basic slide.

Once you've created your new slide, click on the edit button in the middle of the visualization.

Select Video and using the arrow button, upload your video file.

WARNING: The maximum upload size of a video is 25 MB. The attempt of uploading videos of a larger size will result in an error.

Once your file has rendered, you can further customize the layout of your video. However, if you choose no autoplay, the video controls need to be turned on in order for the user to play the video.

If you need to add larger videos or prefer to link to a YouTube video, you can add it to our Cards template. In that way, you can then add the Cards visualization to the story. Read how to do this here.