When to use which map template

There are a few different map templates to choose from on Flourish, depending on the type of map you are wanting to make. In this doc, we'll guide you through the differences between our three core map templates: Projection map, 3D map and Marker map.

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Projection map

What else is possible in Projection map?

  • Choose from a wide range of map projections
  • Ability to turn off popups for points or regions separately
  • Popups are more customizable, e.g. using {{METRIC}}
  • Includes a points color legend that can also work as a filter
  • Doesn’t require WebGL
  • Can download as an SVG
  • Add panels as well as popups

TIP: Struggling to find the right regions for your map? Check out our GeoJSON repository where we've sourced, checked, and resized various region files ready for you to download and use in Flourish.

3D map

What else is possible in 3D map?

Marker map

What else is possible in Marker map?

  • Plot locations on top of a vector, raster, or projection base map
  • Include an inset map