Positioning bubbles along an axis in the Bubble chart template

Our Bubble chart template allows you to distribute the bubbles along an X axis. All you need is a column with numeric values to set their position.

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Positioning your bubbles on an axis based on values

If you have a numeric column on your dataset, all you need to do is to bind it to the Axis values field in the Data tab. The bubbles will be positioned in ascending order from left to right on the X axis.

Positioning bubbles on an axis based on dates

Currently, this template doesn't work with date formats. However, you can still position your bubbles based on a date. If your data allows it, you can just select the year or the month of the date to plot the bubbles.

Another option is to position the bubbles based on the number of days between two dates, which you can calculate within an Excel or Google sheet by following these steps:

    On the spreadsheet with your data, create a new column. This is where the day count will go.
    On your cell, write the following function: =DAYS(end_date, start_date).
    The end_date should point to the latest date in your data. The start_date should be the earliest date in our dataset. The result of this function will be an integer with the total number of days between the two dates.

    Apply this formula to all the cells that you need.
    Lastly, in the Flourish editor, bind the column with the count of days to the Axis values field.

    TIP: To fix your end_date to a specific cell, add a $ before the column letter and the row number of the cell.

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