How to customize colors in Flourish palettes

This help doc will cover custom colours in line, bar and pie charts and the scatter plot. The way things are coloured is different for different templates.

    The color palette
    The main color tool in Flourish is the color palette tool. You can choose from a variety of different color presets by clicking on them, but you can also edit a color palette. To edit a color palette, click on "Edit color palette". This will allow you to rearrange, delete and add new colors. You can add new colors using hex codes or by clicking on the color square and using the color picker. 

    Color overrides
    The color overrides text area lets you type in the name of an entity and then a color after it. The specified color – whether it's written out, a hex code or an RGB color – will override the color palette. Note this will only work for entities, so things that have been specified in column headers. 
    You can also use color overrides as a way to change the opacity of a certain series. To do this, supply a color override in the RGBA format and supply the opacity in the fourth argument. For a completely transparent series, for example, you could use  rgba(0,0,0,0) or transparent.
    Learn more about this use case in our help doc about shading between lines.

    NOTE: Color overrides are case-sensitive, so if your column is called Column 1, you will have to supply your color override with a capital C.