How to add images to your visualization

Many Flourish templates allow you to display images in one way or another. In most cases, this is done by uploading images or linking to URLs in your datasheet.

Many templates have a dedicated Image column setting, but if the one you're working with doesn't you might still be able to add an image to a popup.

To add images to your Flourish visualization using the Image column in your datasheet, you have two options:

    Supply a non-Flourish URL
    For images elsewhere on the internet – presuming they're free-to-use or your own – you can copy the URL by right-clicking on the image and selecting "Copy link address". You can then paste that URL into the Image column on your datasheet.

    Keep in mind that your images should be as small as possible, as the larger the image size, the slower it will load. The images used in our example are 64x64 pixels.
    Upload an image to Flourish

    If you don't already have a URL for an image because, for example, the image is saved to your computer, you can always right click on a cell on the Image column and choose "Upload file". This will let you browse your files and upload the appropriate image to the Flourish server instead.