How to make all Y axis labels show

When you're making a bar chart whose series have extra long labels, you may have noticed that some labels get hidden (especially on smaller screen sizes). 

This is intentional behavior — to avoid text labels overlapping and becoming unreadable — but you may want to make sure that all your Y axis labels are always displayed.

In this doc, we'll explain a few different options you can choose from:

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Display long labels above bars

Instead of squeezing labels next to the bars on an axis, adding them above bars gives them more space.

    Under Labels, choose Above bars.

    Adjust the color, size and weight of your bar labels with the settings underneath.

    Note: Where possible, it's generally better data visualization practice to reduce the length of your labels.

Allow tick labels to have more space and spread onto multiple lines


    Under Y axis, enable the Styling toggle next to Ticks & labels.

    Under Labels, increase the Max lines and/or choose Fixed or Max space mode and increase the space.

Increase the bar height and/or spacing between bars

    Under Bars, increase the Bar height, OR...

    ... adjust the spacing settings to leave more space for your bar labels alongside your chart. Spacing (main) adjusts the gap between stacks or groups, while Spacing (in group) adjusts the gaps between bars within a group. Read more about bar spacing in this help doc.

Reduce the font size of tick labels

    Under Y axis, enable the Styling toggle next to Ticks & labels.

    Under Labels, reduce the size of the tick labels to accommodate more text in the same amount of space. Read more about editing ticks and labels in this help doc.