How to make your visualization duplicable

If you are a Business user, your colleagues can already duplicate your visualizations (published or not), but in this doc, we're talking about making it possible for anyone to be able to duplicate one of your published visualizations. This option is offered to all users, whether you are on a Free, Newsroom or Business plan.

Following these steps, you can publish a visualization and retrieve a link to the public visualization page that you can share with others, from which they can preview and duplicate your visualization.

To get started,

    Create your visualization, upload your data and customize it to your preference using the settings panel.
    Click Export & publish and then Publish to share and embed.

    Tick the box next to Allow  anyone to duplicate this project and data. This ensures that a Duplicate and edit button will appear alongside the visualization on the public showcase page.

    Click on the URL link just below where it says Published in the Export & publish window.

    A new tab will open with the public showcase page for your visualization. You can send this URL to anyone to preview your visualization (whether or not they have a Flourish account).
    People who do have a Flourish account can simply click the Duplicate and edit button on this page to make an identical copy of the visualization in their own account.

If you want to prevent your visualization from being duplicable at a later date, click Export & publish, then Republish, and untick the box next to Allow anyone to duplicate this project and data before publishing. Your visualization will still have its own public showcase page, but it will no longer have a Duplicate and edit button.