Understanding image download options

In this help doc, you can find out more about the image export options of all Flourish templates, as well as in what formats can they be downloaded and why. 

Why some templates have no image download option?

While SVG downloads are only possible for SVG-based templates (see below), some templates don't have an image download option at all. The reasons for this are mainly technical, and have to do with the fact that some of our templates use WebGL for rendering interactive 2D and 3D graphics.

You can easily achieve the same result of an image download by doing a screenshot of your visualization.

Why some templates have no SVG download option?

Some of our Flourish templates are SVG-based, while others are drawn in Canvas mode. The Canvas mode is generally preferable as it's a bit quicker, especially if there are a lot of items, which is why it is the default choice in some templates. In other words, only SVG-containing templates allow for SVG image download.

Why does the SVG option doesn't download headers and legends?

The reason why your visualization is being exported without text elements is due to the fact that the SVG download option only exports vector files. We recommend exporting charts as SVG files if you are planning to further enhance your visualizations in editors such as Adobe Illustrator or Figma.

I successfully downloaded a chart as an image, but it doesn't fill the whole canvas. Why?

Prior to exporting, you are prompted to choose the file type as well as the dimensions of your image.

However, while the Size settings change the dimensions of your image, they do not change the width/height of your chart. Therefore, if you would like to adjust the size of your image (for example, for social media), first preview the visualization in the exact custom dimensions you would like it to export. Don't worry if it's too big in the editor – the image result will be just right!

Alternatively, you can add your chart to a Canva presentation, where you can easily resize and export your charts as images.