How to change the color of a single or several bars

    There are three modes to color your bars in the Bar chart race. You can find them under "Bar colors".

    The modes and when to use them

    If your entities can be divided into different categories, you should select to color by category.

    If you would like each bar to be colored differently, you should select to color by bar.

    If you would like all of your bars to have the same color so you can override certain bars, you should select to color by single color.


    "By category"

    This is the default color mode. When coloring by category, your bars will be colored based on the Categories column in your datasheet. 

    For example, in the default dataset, column B ("region") is set to Categories on the Select columns to visualise panel. ( You can learn more about adding data and data bindings here.) So when coloring by category, each country will be assigned a color based on whatever is that "region" column – like blue for "Africa", yellow for "Americas", green for "Asia", or purple for "Europe". Each of these categories will also show up in the legend.

    To change the color of a single country, you would have to assign that row to a different category (in this example "region"), or change the column you have set to be your categories.

    You can also change your color palette by clicking to edit it and adding or deleting colors.

    When using color overrides in this mode, you will have to supply the name of the category (in this example, a "region", like "Africa"), not the entity (in this example, a "country", like "Angola"). If you would prefer to color by entity, you should choose to color "By bar".


      "By bar"

      When coloring by bar, each bar will be colored differently.
      When using custom overrides in this mode, you will have to supply the name of the  entity (for example "Angola"), and any categories defined using the Select columns to visalise panel will be ignored.



      When coloring with a single color, your bars will all be colored with the same color by default. You can use the Color overrides box to color certain entities differently, and any categories defined in the data tab will be ignored.