How to add region labels to your Projection map

In the Data tab > Regions sheet, bind your desired column under Label.

To customize the style of your labels, head to the Regions layer settings.

By default, the template hides overlapping labels to improve the map’s readability. However, if you need specific labels displayed at all times, you use the Label priority setting to ensure these always appear.

Use the Spacing settings to reduce label overcrowding, or to increase the amount of appearing labels.

Want to make sure some labels are hidden? Use the Hide labels setting, adding region names on their own line, to ensure these areas do not have labels on your map.
If there's extra space, the template will add some other labels instead.

If you only want some labels added, add the region names in the Label priority setting box, and then enable Only show labels on 'Label priority' list. Now labels will only appear for the regions you've specified.