How to embed charts in your Line, bar, pie popups and panels

WARNING: This help doc uses a shortcut embed that is currently available only in the Line, bar, pie template. For the general embed method, read this help doc.

We are rolling out a new way to embed charts in popups and panels. Once this feature becomes available in other Flourish templates, it will be reflected in the table in this help doc.

In your main visualization, go to Popups and panels and enable Custom popup content.

Once you are happy with your underlying visualization, click on the Export and publish button in the top-right hand corner and publish the chart.

Take a look at the underlying visualization's URL – this is where you will find the chart's unique ID. Copy the number string.

Back in your default Line, bar, pie visualization, paste the unique ID that you just copied in the following format:

If you want to embed a Flourish story, you can do this using the same method – with the only difference that you need to replace visualisation with story:

You can even embed charts dynamically, by using the information in a column binding. This is useful when you need different visualizations or stories embedded for different series of your chart.
To do this, add a new column in the Data tab and call it visualization_ID. Then bind it under Info for custom popups. In there, paste all relevant visualization IDs in separate cells.

In the custom popup content, you now need to provide a link to the visualization_ID column, instead of a single chart ID. Do this using the following code: